Social media is about much more than B2C marketing.  While it is true that the biggest social media networks like Twitter and Facebook are ideal for B2C advertising because they bring together extended communities of existing and potential customers, networks like LinkedIn have a very different focus.

The fundamental proposition behind LinkedIn is to bring together communities of professionals and the organisations for which they work.  It is not a network where people will plan a night out at the weekend, or share photos from their holidays.  It is a social media site that many people use to grow networks of professional contacts or build their career paths, and where businesses market themselves as both employers and business partners.

For companies, LinkedIn provides a unique opportunity to showcase its qualities as an employer and a business partner.  It is a forum for a very different kind of messaging compared to Facebook or Twitter, which are more suited to news about new products and services, or compelling offers that will attract new customers.  LinkedIn focuses on business issues, and is fast becoming a vital tool in B2B marketing and recruitment.

For recruitment, it provides an excellent source of information on potential candidates, and is increasingly used to head hunt the best talent.  Not only do individuals include important details of their employment history on their profiles, but also they will often have recommendations and testimonials from other people in their business network.

Furthermore, because individuals use LinkedIn for professional purposes, it is an ideal forum in which to advertise open positions.  Recruitment marketing is, therefore, one of the most powerful uses to which this business networking site can be put.

Whether it is looking for new talent or new business partners, LinkedIn plugs a company straight into a community of professionals, giving a quick and insightful look into an individual’s skill set or a companies credentials as an employer or business partner.  LinkedIn requires the same commitment and engagement as any other social media network, but when it is used for the right purposes it becomes a valuable tool for all kinds of B2B and recruitment marketing.

If your company does not have a LinkedIn profile, now is the time to get one.


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