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Peter is a marketing strategist, social media consultant, trainer, speaker and a business start-up mentor.  His consultancy provides solutions for enterprise wide social media business and marketing.

Peter has helped C-suite leaders and established companies understand how they should bring Social Media into their strategy and realise its potential.  In addition, for the past 20 years he has helped many newly formed companies with sales & marketing.

Peter has delivered high-profile social media strategy presentations for organisations such as Association of Project Managers (APM) and leader’s forums in the House of Lords to major conferences in Moscow, Marbella and beyond.

His focus is not just on the external marketing side of social media but also on the way it can be used inside an organisation to engage the culture and organisational energy which in turn will invigorate the brand energy.

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Peter’s Social Media Training Pathway

We have a range of bespoke and standard courses that can be delivered in your offices anywhere in the UK .We train and coach at all levels from marketing executives and recruitment managers to global chairman of FTSE companies. All disciplines are touched by social media from marketing and HR through to sales and operations.

Starting with bite size training we can follow through with a pathway programme that will help change management ensuring the right people have the right social media skills at all levels. We don’t just look at technologies and how they work, we look at how we can use these in balance across the business.

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The training we provide is split into three areas. Social media strategy, social media marketing and social media business for creating a social media culture where the benefits of social media can be harnessed to drive innovation, improve teamwork and reduce costs across the whole company.

We also have a follow on remote coaching pathway.  This is email, Skype and phone support

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Marketer and engineer specialising in IT, tech and engineering companies. I bring new ideas, innovation, passion and clear strategy development with defined ROI, underpinned by 30 + years of experience.★★Marketing, Digital and Social Media Strategy, KPI and ROI | Marketing, Digital and Social Media Consultant | Trainer | Speaker | Virtual Digital and Social Media Help Desk and Support

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