Using Social Media Safely and Securely in a Professional Setting

Peter at Moscow conference

Peter at Moscow conference

One of the primary lessons of social media training is that there is no longer such a thing as a work life and a personal life. Online, social media has brought the two together in ways that can’t easily be undone.

If you search for your name, there’s  a fair chance your personal and business social media profiles will come up high on the Page ranking results. This is particularly true if the search contains both your name and the name of the brand with which you are associated.

Everything you do on the social media is potentially visible to new business associates; to customers; to clients; and to the figures of influence who work in your industry. The smallest comment, the silliest picture – an unthinking update can have potentially disastrous effects on public and business perception of the brand with which you are aligned.

Your own actions are only the tip of the iceberg. Online social media training teaches you to identify the myriad threats posed from security issues. Leaving a Facebook page open, for example; or failing to regularly change your passwords for business related social media accounts.

Not signing out of internet pages once we have finished with them, then leaving a mobile device or a laptop lying around for anyone to pick up and use, is a habit we have all picked up. It isn’t until you start doing some online social media training that you realise how frequently you are leaving your private ad business related social media pages open to use by people with no authorisation to do so.

Some of the biggest threats to social media security come from friends, who mean no harm and are simply looking for a chance to play a little joke on you. The problem is, if an unthinking comment is left by proxy on one of your business social media accounts, or on a personal social media account whose streams can be seen by business associates or customers, the ramifications can be instant and unstoppable.

An up to date working knowledge of good social media security practices is essential for any employee. All of us are now brand advocates – our visible actions on the social media are there to reflect positively on the brand with which we are associated, and the flip side of that is that those actions that don’t do that, can have real and immediate effects.

Threats, both malicious and unintended, are changing all the time. Social media platforms themselves are ever morphing, constantly finding new ways to update their technology and act more and more intuitively. So it makes sense that social media training, both in general usage and in security, should be on-going. It also makes sense that it should be online  getting right to the heart of the matter, so to speak.


Online social media training provides an on-going tool to make the best, safest use of the social media platforms required for good brand advocacy. With personalised channels and constant secure streaming, it’s a great way to get ahead of the curve.

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