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The Power of Social Media Peer Reviews – How They Can Help Drive Membership

Make your social media presence about immediate involvement and watch your membership cement itself.  That’s the message for golf clubs in the wake of a recent initiative by the PGA Championship, which used multiple social media platforms to help its site visitors get the most from the PGA experience.

Viewers logged into the PGA website were able to watch live video streaming and respond to events using their preferred social media platform (because they’d logged in using their Facebook page, or their Twitter account).  The aggregated Tweets and comments appeared for all to see and respond to: creating an instantaneous social media event around a single company (PGA).

The platform created for the duration of this event allowed the PGA to advertise through multiple streams, while collecting intensely valuable data from every user – demographic information, duration of stay online, response to advertising.

The same techniques can be used to unlock value from your own social media peer reviews: and to expand your potential membership into the bargain.  The aggregate stream of data pushed through your social media community is a mine of demographic information, which you can use to identify potential areas for targeted advertising on social platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

The subject of the comments given by your existing social media peer group in itself contains plenty of helpful advice.  Make sure you listen to your followers and fans when they suggest new ways for your golf course to reach out and touch someone in the social sphere.  Listen to other golf businesses in your area too, and forge links with them to provide platforms like the one created by the PGA and its advertisers during the championships.

That’s the power of the social network. If you meld your social circle with the followers of a local golf store you have a whole new pool of potential members to draw on.

The practice of profiling individuals based on their social networking habits is growing quickly – so fast it already has a name.  It’s called social colonisation, and you can use it to identify potential new members from activity on your site or the sites of your business allies . The key, as ever, lies in enhancing the golf experience of the fans that you have access to.  A combined access event like the one hosted by the PGA could hold membership gold for you.

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