Social Media for Golf Courses – Training Course

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Social Media for Golf Courses- Training Course

bigstock_Golf_1982192Golf courses can use social media technology to enhance their fan and visitor experiences online, to spread the word about tournaments and upcoming events and also to raise the player experience at the course. Social media technology, which encourages participation, recommendations and clique behaviour, is perfect for participants in any sport – where the sport itself defines boundaries for a community, social media technology can be used to facilitate interaction within that community.
One of the key elements to any social media campaign is the mobile website. Golf courses would be well served by ensuring that their website has a version fully navigable on a mobile device – aSocial media golf icon_r1_c1s this, of course, is where a large proportion of consumer social media activity takes place. As the mobile version of the site is often an essentially separate thing, background technology enabling the golf course to easily run both from a central location may be necessary.

Creation of micro sites for tournaments and leagues

Creation of micro sites for tournaments and leagues enables members and players to quickly access relevant areas – and also increases the course’s visibility on the web and in the social media stream. Furthermore, micro sites can be used in mobile marketing campaigns, to generate leads using text requests: essentially golf courses get to advertise date specific events and promotions directly to people who have asked for that advertising to be done. Consumers can be directed to visit promotions specific micro sites to get more information about events: and offered the option to share those events on social media platforms when they arrive.

Golf, like any outdoor sport, is weather affected.Social media golf

Golf, like any outdoor sport, is weather affected. A golf course that can post early warnings about frost delay and other adverse playing conditions retains the loyalty of its members. While a course that can use social media to get people out and playing is able to maximise its use at all times.

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