Tips to Increase Fanbase of Facebook Business Pages

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A business social media course, social media training UK course or social media for business partner can radically improve the number of fans that come to your business Facebook page. Here are a few hot tips from the industry on the best ways to get those potential customers affiliated to your social media sites:

1: Embedding widgets, particularly the Facebook Live Stream widget, can be a great way to keep people loyal to your page. Live streams mean that your users feel that they are really interacting with your business – and of course the live update of information makes your Facebook stream active and relevant.


2: Use your existing contact lists. The first thing a business social media course, social media for business partner or social media training UK partner will tell you, is that your already extant resources are the perfect way to start a Facebook business page that has a good amount of clout. Use email marketing to get in touch with your whole existing contact list, to get already confirmed fans of your business active on your Facebook page. The mechanics of the site mean that every single person who joins up as a fan after you have done your email marketing shot, will be visible in all of their friend’s Facebook streams and email notifications, as a new fan of your business. That alone can generate significant extra interest in your page.


3: Your social media for business partner, social media course of social media training UK provider will also tell you to use ongoing communications with customers to generate Facebook fans. Every time you send out an email, an email receipt or any form of communication with someone who has used your service or bought your products: include the link to your business Facebook page. Start thinking of that URL in the same way you think of your own web address or phone number: put it on everything. That way, people who have a proven interest in your company can show that interest where it counts.


4: Start integrating popular Facebook features on your landing page. If, for example, you link a Facebook comment feature on the landing page of your own site, or on individual product pages within your site, then your customers and visitors can comment directly to their own Facebook profile – which again kick starts that magic Facebook effect, whereby everyone else in that person’s social network will see that they have been commenting on your stuff.


Using social media for business is the new “must do” in the Internet marketing world. For more top tips like the ones included here, find a business social media course or social media training UK partner able to refine your Facebook tactics to fit the individual personality of your brand.

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