To Be Good Leaders Do C Level Managers Need to Embrace the Social Media Conversation?

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To Be Good Leaders Do C-Level Managers Need to Embrace the Social Media Conversation?

The C Level Manager needs to understand the implications of social media strategy in order to understand her or his place within an organisation. As brand management is altered to behave in a more social network-esque fashion (teams and segmented offices are becoming a thing of the past as social media style communication assembles “taskforces” to address immediate business issues), the whole leadership role of the C Level manager has suddenly been amplified.

Simply put: Peter, Social Media Consultant suggests that all leaders need to be continuously engaged in the social media conversation. That enables them to do two things: first, to keep a constant finger on the current pulse of customer and stake holder opinion about the performance of the company; and second, to ensure that their findings are used to influence the behaviour of our previously mentioned taskforces.

The upshot of the new social media strategy is that communication is becoming the most valuable tool in any business’ box of tricks. As a brand exposes itself daily to multiple social media streams, it becomes the job of leaders to find and encourage excellent communicators in every area of the company.

It’s no longer the case that team leaders and departmental managers do all the talking for the brand. From the customer’s point of view, it is now the brand that speaks. Social media strategy points out the good leadership in these circumstances is entirely dependent on the ongoing social media conversation – in effect, the C Level Manager should be completely involved in that conversation so he or she knows both what customers and stake holders are feeling about the brand; and how his or her staff are equipped to hold up the brand’s end of the chat.

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