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Local Marketing Company Support Team

Are you a Small or Medium Enterprise (SME) in Birmingham, Nottingham, Leicester, Derby or the midlands? If you need extra resource for a sales and/or marketing project we can help.

Peter set up Panther to help small, local businesses in the midlands with flexible, affordable support and strategic advice. We are B2B - Business to Business sales and marketing professionals with a wealth of experience and talent you can tap into.  If you need help with any of the services here, please contact us to discuss your needs and our packages or bespoke plans.

Our Team

Peter Wilkinson Internet Marketing Consultant


Strategic Marketing Consultant and MD


I am the lead digital marketing consultant and MD

Kirstly Wikinson-01


Marketing Project Manager & Administrator

I am a marketing project manager and administrator.  I am involved in the range of marketing, SEO, social media marketing and support services. With an eye for detail, I proofread and ensure all that leaves us is perfect in every way.  I also offer specialist IT support, programming and training on a range of software and social media platforms.  Outside of work I love to bake cakes and go backpacking.

Hossein Salehi


Server Engineer and Systems Administrator

I am a server engineer, systems administrator and all round technical person.  I look after our servers and the coding of blogs, websites and bespoke systems.  If your question is to do with deep technical issues and how to set up complex systems I will be the person answering.  I specialise in server-side technology, social engines, blogs and a range of CMS systems.  Outside of work I like to eat good food and walking in the country to work off the good food.

Jabed 590 453


Website Design and Development

Jabed is a website designer and developer.  He a specialises in WordPress themes and e-commerce development.  “When I am not at my computer I can be found with a book, or riding my bike to interesting places”

Peter Collins


Sound Engineer and Film Maker

I am a sound engineer working on video and films. I have been aboard multiple film projects that have enjoyed successes worldwide. I have been aboard multiple film projects that have enjoyed successes worldwide through film festival selection, whether it be at Leicester’s own Short Film Cinema or Cannes. I am particularly proficient with multiple editing programmes for both sound and film.  Outside of this area, I enjoy music, traveling and watching films.

Alex 590 453


Cameraman and Film Maker

Alexander is a passionate filmmaker who has worked on many projects, ranging form documentaries and dramas, comedies and action but also product filming and event coverage. Always adapting the style of the cinematography to the clients needs, he helps tell the story visually, using camera, lights and shadow.



International marketing support

I am a project manager and marketing strategist with international experience in corporate communications, events and marketing. I am passionate about organisational intelligence, leadership and people management.  I facilitate the execution of projects that sustain growth, increase brand awareness and maximise results in sectors such as tech, IT, construction, FMGG, healthcare.  I speak English, Spanish, Italian, French and Romanian

Marketing support


Marketing Support

I specialise in marketing support, assisting you with tasks such as events management and co-ordination, social media, blogging and other marketing support tasks. 
I have over 15 years’ experience across many different industries. With exceptional attention to detail combined with a flair for all things creative, I produce satisfying and high-quality results.