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Marketing, Social Media and Digital Marketing

Virtual Support And Help Desk

We offer a wide range of marketing, SEO, social media marketing, social media recruitment and digital marketing support and training, which you can access via telephone, email or video conference via Skype and Google hangouts. Our support covers the full range of platforms such as Forums, LinkedIn,  Wikis, Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr, to name a few.

Our help desk and support offers you a single point of access for information and assistance on all aspects of marketing strategy, social media strategy, social media marketing, social media recruitment, SEO and digital marketing as well as detailed monitoring or your social media | digital environment and campaign ROI, should you require it.

Our support and training will help you…..

  • Deal with those irritating times when you do not know which button to click.
  • We are a simple email, telephone call, Skype away to get you going again.  We can even take over your screen to show you how!
  • Answer strategy questions or give you a full report.
    • Rather than wondering what can be done you can discuss the options with us in detail or just bounce a quick question off us.
    • We will be happy to answer verbally, in a short email or with a detailed report, whichever you prefer.
  •  Help you with detailed and technical issues on any social media, SEO, digital or general web related topics.
Customer Service

The business benefits of our service

  • You will have more time to deal with the important things rather than ploughing through blogs and articles to find out how to do something.
  • Access to specialists will ensure your team are making the best decisions when they plan their strategy and plans
  • Ultimately you will increase the acquisition and loyalty of customers and improve the recruitment process in your HR department.
  • Your marketing and HR departments will benefit from up to the minute help and support for their internal and external brand image and reputation management.

Monitoring support covers areas such as:

  • Brand monitoring.
  • Image monitoring.
  • Social and digital media resonance analysis.
  • Risk and CSF monitoring.
  • Reputation analysis.

Our Costs

  • We charge in ten min slots.
  • That means if you have eleven min you are charged for two ten. min slots and if you have 21 min you are charged for three ten min slots and so on.
  • We offer different SLA (service level agreements) for response times should you wish to discuss these with us.
  • If you send a ticket to ,  with your question and preferred method of help, we will give you a time estimate and the video or telephone conference slots available with our operators, should you require this service.
  • Answer response time using our standard SLA email response service, after we have agreement to proceed. is twenty-four hours or less.
  • The cost for a ten min slot on a standard SLA is £10 inclusive of VAT.
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Peter is a veteran marketing man. A digital and social media guru, expert in blending the right mix of traditional and new age marketing for clients.

My team and I run the pay as you go marketing help desk for anybody who needs that little bit of help. You only pay in ten-minute slots.

Peter consults internationally and we run campaigns for clients.

Thanks for an excellent session today. Having kids for a while, it was the technical implementation of a few things I was stuck with. You have just saved me hours of research, figuring things out for myself as well as a few helpful hints gained in the process.

To discuss the options and service level agreements that are available please contact us