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Marketing Consultant and Business Consultant

Marketing Consultant and Business Consultant

I am a strategic marketing consultant and technologist / engineer specialising in strategic planning and deployment both in the UK and internationally. I bring new ideas, innovation, passion and clear strategy with defined ROI, underpinned by 30 + years of experience.

With an international focus I have been social media strategy speaker and Chairman at conferences from Moscow to Marbella to London. I was also a Chairman at the Corporate Social Media Summit and speaker at events in the House of Lords.

Brexit has brought the need to look at and bring home and international markets into focus to take advantage of this opportunity. This is a focus for me.

Business and Marketing Strategy

My team and I develop and deploy international marketing strategies. Starting with a strategic marketing audit we will develop a pathway for you. This may be market entry through distribution or online market penetration into overseas markets.

Specialising in social media for many years we are well positioned to leverage these skills and expertise as part of an overall international marketing strategy

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marketing consultant and business consultant