What 10 Tips should a legal practice know about LinkedIn for gaining new clients?

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What 10 Tips should a legal practice know about LinkedIn for gaining new clients?

There is no doubt at all of the fact that social media can dramatically improve the fortunes of your business and as a result of using social media, you could improve sales or profits, connect with more businesses and spread your business beyond that of a local firm into an international brand.

LinkedIn is one of the most popular business networking sites on a worldwide level and with millions of users every day logging on for networking opportunities, it’s little wonder that businesses and legal practices throughout the world are making the most of the opportunities that LinkedIn can have for them.

However, registering to use LinkedIn is just one half of the battle and without the proper advice and use of the service it offers, users might not get the benefits of the experience.

With this point in mind, Peter, UK Social Media Consultant lists below ten tips which every business should bear in mind when using LinkedIn to promote their business.

1. Complete Your Profile

Without a full profile, which has up to date company information, your customers and would be associates won’t be able to find you so it’s essential to ensure that you complete every part of the profile as thoroughly as possible.

2. Update your Status Regularly

If you’ve achieved something in your business then tell your followers about it. Not only does this cement their view of you but constantly updates  and get you noticed by search engines inside the site.

3. Join in

LinkedIn is, just like other forms of social media, all about how much you play the game, so it’s worth joining in with the question and answer games, taking part in the networking and ensuring that as many people as possible know what you do and what you’re all about

4. Link it to other Social Media Sites

Whether you use Facebook or Twitter or have a blog, you can link it direct to your LinkedIn profile and network your contacts from each site into the other.

5. Do your Research

Social Media only works when you target the right customers and businesses so it’s essential to do your research and make sure you’re on the right path before you start to invite contacts and connect with other people on the site.

6. Build your Brand

If you have a brand, including graphics, logo, or corporate image and branding then bring it to your LinkedIn profile and vice-versa – you could direct customers from your business cards, email signature or other forms of promotional information to your LinkedIn profile, increasing your contacts.

7. Use the Search Feature Responsibly

Look for the people who can actually help you with your business or with whom you have something in common. You can search by location, job description or by specific company.

8. It’s all about sharing

Make sure that if you’re sharing an article or a post that it’s relevant to you and your business – and be sensitive about what you’re sharing – this is not the time to cause offence!

9. Reciprocate your compliments

If you’ve received an honest and valuable recommendation from a contact, make sure to return the favour.

10. Finally, it’s all about advertising.

Buy a specifically targeted advert which your target market will see and create as many opportunities for yourself as possible.

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