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We Will Walk With You on Your Social Media Journey

Social media can be used tactically in campaigns or strategically across the whole organisation. When social media is used strategically across the organisation it can amplify what your company is already doing. It is a journey that needs to fit your culture and strategic marketing objectives.

There are different stages of social media maturity, starting with the use of social media in campaigns. Whether you require tactical campaign level social media or a more strategic approach our team can help.  

Both marketing and sales will benefit from social media. The starting point is to listen, understand and engage in conversations through your social channels. We will then craft your social media strategy using a blend of creative inspiration, technology and content.

Our Social Media Services

Whatever your social media approach it needs a social media strategy. Our team will understand your strategic objectives and how you wish to use social media in your company. We will listen to your markets and understand how social media needs to integrate into your marketing strategy.

Setting up Your Online Network

If you have a network, we will manage and augment this to reflect the social media strategy. If you are just starting in social media, we will set up and grow the networks you need.  Our team can manage your social media spaces such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and many more. We have managed the personal accounts of senior executives through to general company pages.

Social Media Agency