Reputation Management in a Social Media Age

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Peter Wilkinson Panther Social Media

Reputation management has always been a critical part of a brand. That’s why PR people exist. As social media takes over the world, though, with its instant and all pervasive effect, the whole idea of reputation management takes on a much more serious and immediate connotation. These days, a flippant tweet can ruin a career and bring the reputation of your brand crashing down – in seconds.

Digital PR, as it is known, is there to guide your brand’s reputation – and to go into battle for you when you need it. The instantaneous nature of the web and the ease with which it is updated means fertile ground for attacks on your brand by competitors – without decent digital brand or reputation management you can be left severely damaged by a mistake you didn’t even make.

There are laws protecting you against this kind of thing – but without the services of a company that knows how to get erroneous tweets and comments taken down in a hurry, your brand can suffer the horrors of an ever expanding mesh of incorrect, malicious information designed to move you out the path of your competition. As such the key attribute of your reputation management partner should be 24/7 reactivity to any problem that lands in your lap.

On the proactive side, a reputation manager will be able to steer your brand profile by listening to the buzz surrounding your products and your campaigns. This is where the age of social media really comes into its own. All product manufacturers dream of being able to test the waters and deliver something consumers really want. With reputation management leading the way, you can decode the chatter and do exactly that. After all, what you produce is key to your reputation too.

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