How To Create New Sales Opportunities Through Social Media Ads

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Peter Wilkinson Panther Social Media

Peter Wilkinson Panther Social Media

You may be wondering how to create new sales opportunities through social media ads, or even whether it is truly possible through digital marketing. The fact is that many leading brands and businesses are using social media ads to generate additional revenue, but the secret is in understanding several key factors before even starting an advertising campaign.

The first thing that needs to be clearly understood is why you want an advertising campaign to run through social media platforms in the first place. Vague answers such as ‘because everyone else is’, or ‘to increase sales’ won’t do – it’s important with social media marketing to be highly specific in terms of what you want to see happen as a result.

This means identifying your target audience, and knowing exactly what they are looking for, how they are looking for it, what drives them to commit to placing orders and exactly what it is that you can offer them. Having specific digital marketing goals in mind such as increasing the number of sales of a specific service to a specific age group or group of people in a specific location within a predetermined time frame is the sort of objective you need to have in mind when approaching a new social media marketing advertising campaign.

Once you have identified these precise objectives it will then be easier to decide with your chosen social media advertising company which social media platforms to target, since some may offer you a better chance of reaching your intended audience more effectively, or through a more effective means. This may involve you developing an ad campaign based on specific demographic information, keywords or a combination of the two. It will be important to carry out research in order to make sure you know clearly who your direct digital marketing competitors are, what keywords are already being used, and whether you are best competing directly in the same way or developing a niche alternative which is targeted slightly differently.

All of these stages and processes are important, since it will do no good at all to simply jump into the first social media platform you come across, put together what seems like a decent ad, and then paying to have it distributed widely. Having specific, measurable objectives in mind is the only truly effective way of creating new sales opportunities through social media ads.

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