What is the Real Benefit of Social Media for the CEO of a Large Corporation and What are the Dangers?

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The one real danger of social media for large organisations – the worst case scenario for Facebook marketing and Twitter marketing going horribly wrong – is an illustration of all its best qualities too. Social media connects people instantly, which means that company messages can be promoted with vigour, both internally and externally – but it also means if something bad happens, that the trend of comments about the said company can quickly damage an online reputation.

One of the best uses of social media in a large company is actually internal. It applies the same concept as Facebook marketing and Twitter marketing but to the employees of a big corporation rather than its customers – effectively turning those employees into the brand evangelists that similar marketing campaigns seek to turn customers into.

The core reason for this lies in the inchoate nature of a large company. Often, employees don’t even know what their own company’s brand message is – because they are too far removed from the management, which is where core company values are situated. By using Facebook marketing and Twitter marketing techniques internally (i.e. by delivering a coherent brand presence through social media technology), these big brands can indoctrinate their own employees with the correct message.

Once that message has sunk in, every employee in the company will automatically embody the brand message intended by the CEO. With interactive, reactive technology at his or her fingertips, then, the CEO of a large organisation can make sure that everyone working under him or her responds to customers and clients in a brand-appropriate way.

The danger, as I said at the start of this post, lies in the potential for Facebook and Twitter to be used to propagate bad customer experiences very quickly.

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