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How is a Professional Online Presence Delivered Through Social Media?

How is a Professional Online Presence Delivered Through Social Media?  Peter, a UK based social media consultant, explains.  Your brand owners are multiple. You, and everyone who works for you, has a stake in the appearance and reputation of your business. The online presence with which you are associated, then, must be as professional and impressive as possible.

One of the most important habits for your employees to develop, which can be done through online social media training, is that of using a common tone. Every answer your employees give, to every question they receive – every conversation they get involved in – all of it has to have the tone that you have set for the brand as a whole.

Your staff need to be clear on the engagement approach you have decreed, so it can embody your brand in the appropriate fashion. This applies both to staff use of branded social media pages, and to their appearances and behaviour on personal social media pages that can be linked back to you. Wherever a person is identifiable as a brand advocate online, he or she must be seen to speak with a branded voice and act with a branded conscience.

Part of the requirement for successful individual expression of a branded identity online is a current knowledge of social media tropes and technologies. Your brand must be seen to keep step with the times, if it is to remain current in the eyes of its target market sectors – and that means your staff need to know what’s new in the social media world, both in terms of emerging platforms and of changes to existing ones. If your employees can’t relate to the audience with whom they speak, your brand appears to lack empathy with its consumers, or to have fallen behind the times.

Professional social media behaviours are no longer completely divorced from private social media pages. So it is important that your employees understand both the overtly professional social media world (typified by LinkedIn) and the links all social media have with each other.

Paramount in social media training is a good understanding of LinkedIn – how it works, how to set up and maintain an account, and most importantly how to expand and maintain a proper professional network. The behaviour your employees evince while they are on the LinkedIn site is of the utmost importance: improper or inappropriate behaviour on LinkedIn means not being taken seriously, or being dismissed as an un-fruitful connection.

Improper and inappropriate behaviour in a business context doesn’t mean the same thing as it would in private, where the connotation is much more risqué. In public, business life, improper behaviour is more to do with the ways in which you express yourself.

This is a real risk for brands whose employees are encouraged to run their own LinkedIn account. Without the proper online social media training, an employee used to expressing himself or herself in one format – normally on Facebook, where abbreviations and extremely informal language are the norm – runs a grave risk of putting off potentially important contact on the LinkedIn platform.

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