Using social media advertising to drive your hotel marketing strategy

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As a hotel manager, you have one principal aim in order to continue to manage a healthy and profitable business; to offer the best possible service to your guests in order to keep them coming back to you and your hotel. However, before you can do that, there is one vital step and without it, it won’t matter how fantastic any service you can offer might or might not be, because the simple fact is that without advertising to attract new customers there is simply no business.

Granted, that’s not a happy scenario so it’s little wonder that so many hotel managers and owners are turning to any and all available methods to ensure that their hotel attracts as many visitors as possible and with this in mind, many are turning to social media advertising to increase their customer numbers and promote their business.

What is Social Media Advertising?

Social Media Advertising is, as it’s name suggests, a form of advertising which takes place through social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and more recently Google+. It involves three major classifications. The first is known as direct advertising and involves an advertisement involving the action of the user. For example, if they were to write an email or a Facebook status discussing chocolate then advertisements for various chocolate products might appear. This has caused controversy of the “big brother is watching you” variety but the practice is nevertheless effective.

The second form is direct advertising placed on a site or page. This has less effectiveness as a form of blanket advertising as you only target customers and those who are already fans or followers of the page in question (who might charge for the privilege of running your advert) but it is a great way of releasing information about a promotion or sale.

The final way is to create your own page or group and run your social media page as your own individual site, inviting likers and fans and growing your own business on your own terms. This can be hugely effective with many businesses on Facebook having in excess of a thousand fans or followers.

How You Should be Using Social Media

The key to using any form of social media advertising is that the entire plan can rest with the planning you do in order to start it. Just as you wouldn’t rush into a traditional advertising campaign, there is no reason why a social media advertising campaign should be any different. The key issues to remember are that social media isn’t going anywhere so there’s no need to rush to capitalise on a short-term opportunity. If anything, social media is the most long term form of advertising so it’s essential to get it right every time.

Planning your “attack” and working out your strategies well in advance will increase your chance of success as it will ensure that you and your business are seen as being professional and dependable.

Finally, having the advice and strategies of a professional company whose business is targeted to social media marketing and advertising is a sure fire way of guaranteeing success.


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