Does Your Golf Course Have a Social Media Glory Story Strategy?

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A social media glory story? What’s that?

It’s a use of social media that levers your brand above the parapet for a long enough time that you make lifelong allies amongst otherwise casual users.

Golf courses can get their own social media glory story – all you have to do is get creative with what you do.  Mostly social media glory stories are told when a company with get up and go recognises its potential links with another kind of service or product provider.  The Financial Times, for example, partnered up with Foursquare to provide target content to users in coffee shops, libraries and restaurants close to business areas and financial districts, using Foursquare.  Whenever a Foursquare user checks into one of the above establishments in the correct physical location, they get free access to FT content.

The History Channel did something completely different and equally awesome: whenever a Foursquare user checked in at a historically important location they got a limited edition badge for the game, plus a piece of tailored historical knowledge to go with the location. The promotion ran for the duration of a specific History Channel mini series, raising awareness of the programme and creating loyal History Channel viewers in the process.

Foursquare isn’t the only platform that you can leverage to increase people’s fondness for your brand.  It’s just the current totem of choice for the social media savvy user population.

So how are you going to bring social media glory stories to your golf course?  How about delivering historical information about great players who have scored highly on the course, when people check into your site – or unlocking exclusive footage of famous shots played there?

The key is in what you already do, of course.  Find your link between the social media platform of choice among golfers and golf club members and you’ve found the ground where you can grow your own social media glory story.  You can even incorporate Foursquare style unlocking in your own club site.  Why not create an interactive leaderboard where club members’ handicaps and most recent scores unlock collectable rewards, even special offers and one off discounts?

What you do is limited only by your imagination.  Tell your story in a way that gets your members buzzing and they’ll be booking rounds just to see if they can unlock new content!

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