Social Media Live Streams and Tweet Ups to Drive Your Corporate Golf Days

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Growth HackerI blogged recently about how the PGA had created a multi stream social media location for golf fans to watch and comment on the PGA Championships.  The ROI from this combined platform event was measured in two strands: advertising opportunities, and the perceived loyalty of those golf fans to the PGA itself (created by the event, which allowed users to watch uninterrupted live coverage and comment on it at the same time).

This kind of “tweet up” works perfectly in the corporate golf day environment.  At both ends of the spectrum, too – from garnering the contacts and gathering the information necessary to attract attendees, to providing an engaging interactive forum for the event itself.

It’s easy to set up a live stream on your club site, and just as easy to enable participation from multiple social media streams.  You just get virtual attendees to log in using their preferred social media platform.

The information you gather from these attendees (make them all come into the virtual event through a sign in gateway, which gives you instant access to their demographic info) can be used to power your presence in other areas of the social sphere.  Target LinkedIn promotions by sifting through the business areas and job titles of your attendees, for example, and you will open up whole new fields of potential attendance for future corporate golf days.

LinkedIn is an excellent hunting ground for business alliances, which are the meat and drink of corporate golf days – without the alliance, there’d be no-one to promote your golf days to, or with. LinkedIn’s new ad targeting technology means you can cross promote using multi branded landing pages and roadblock pages.  Build a community of golfing professionals and create corporate days in partnership with sports stores, equipment manufacturers, even drinks importers and hospitality providers.

Cross promote your course during the corporate event and you’ll find new members growing out of your live streaming too.  Individuals who have taken part in a corporate event and been exposed to your social media presence will be likely to return if they like what they see. The more enhancement you can give to their experience the more likely it is that they will.

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