It is Not Enough For Brands to Listen to the Social Media Buzz. Brands Need to Understand How Social Media is Acting On and Reacting With Other Parts of the Marketing Mix that Shapes Perceptions of the Brand.

You should keep as close an eye as possible on the chatter surrounding your business, your products and your company’s actions. The same strategy also suggests that listening is more important than talking. The more you hear, the more you will understand – and the more you understand, the more information you have about what to do with your advertising, your products and your whole brand personality.

The important step, clearly, is for your social media strategy to move from listening to action, where when and how it may be appropriate. Given that the whole social media experience is referred to as a “conversation” between brand and consumer, let’s look at this concept in the context of a conversation.

Imagine that the social media chatter is a conversation between your brand (as a person) and a dissatisfied friend. By listening to the social media buzz, as recommended by your social media strategy, you will begin to understand what it is about you (the brand) that your consumer is irritated with. But if you then do nothing about it, you’re no different from a person who takes a load of criticism on board, says “yes, I know what you mean” and then carries on in their own sweet way.

Your social media strategy needs to take into account a wider understanding of the whole of your brand’s profile – how your ads, and the actual design of your products, affects consumer perception. At this point you can use the information you gain in the buzz to make informed decisions about the changes you could make for the better.

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