Should LinkedIn advertising be part of a B2B marketing strategy?

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Should LinkedIn advertising be part of a B2B marketing strategy?

Talk of social media is easily dominated by Facebook and Twitter, which are the most popular social networks on the internet.  These are ideal places to build a brand’s rapport with existing and potential customers, but for B2B marketing there is one network that has a unique advantage – LinkedIn.

A network that is dedicated to connecting professionals and businesses, LinkedIn is very different to Facebook . It is a forum in which people connect with colleagues and business contacts, build new connections to enhance their career, and tap into the knowledge of a community of informed professionals.  It is not a place where people will post their holiday snaps or organise a night out on the town, but it is a platform for building connections with work colleagues and businesses.

LinkedIn is more focussed than Twitter or Facebook, and this gives it great power as a tool for business-to-business marketing.  Advertising on LinkedIn puts a company in front of people looking for their next career move and checking the credentials of potential employers, and in front of businesses seeking future partners.  Developing a corporate profile on LinkedIn is fast becoming essential to B2B marketing strategies.

Once established, a LinkedIn profile needs to be maintained.  It is an active marketing tool, not a passive one.  Blending a presence on LinkedIn with other advertising in digital and traditional media does involve some work, not least to ensure that all different avenues of marketing are consistent in the message they communicate.  But more than that, sites like LinkedIn provide a showcase for a company to demonstrate how active and involved it is in the business community.

B2B marketing through sites like LinkedIn involves a different approach to that of B2C marketing through social media like Twitter and Facebook, but still involves the same dedication and effort. With the right advice from a social media marketing consultant, LinkedIn can be a powerful part of your B2B strategy, so if you haven’t got a LinkedIn profile for your business then act now.



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