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C – Suite leaders must take note that either they have a robust social media strategy and they drive it or social media will drive them and this will carry a high degree of risk.

Social media is best known for its use as part of a marketing communications mix or marketing campaign.  Social media is also starting to be used as part of a social, local mobile strategy.

It should be recognised that applications for social media go across the business and these go far beyond just marketing.  Leaders need to consider this carefully.  In today’s markets that are being driven by acquisition and merger and collaborative working, the benefits of a robust social media strategy may have a profound effect on the competitive advantage that an organisation can gain.

Leaders should consider a layered view or more holistic application of social media and what the benefits may be.  Benefits such as better stakeholder risk management, transformational change management, image, reputation, innovation, cultural integration and learning as well as marketing matrices and hard ROI are there to be reaped.

For simplicity sake I have listed a few of the key benefits below: –

Competitive advantage and potential sustainable competitive advantage.

Management of stakeholder risk.

An organisational social service culture that can take maximum advantage of the trend towards social, local and mobile.

The development of a solid employer brand.

Easier management of service led brand advocacy strategies.

The ability to make faster and more informed, critical decisions about the risks, benefits, and the strategic value of ideas.

Enhanced team working and collaboration across countries, building silos and improving performance, increasing organisational energy and invigorating both the employer brand and the consumer brand.

The burning question is always how to approach the development of social media strategy and implementation of that social media strategy.  One useful approach is the PACT framework: Process, advocates, culture and technology.

C-Suite leaders should set up social innovation workshops and networks so the impact of social methodologies and technologies on employees and customers to innovate and collaborate can be considered as well as having social media as part of their marketing mix. The social innovation workshops and network development should follow the PACT framework and be driven by an informed facilitator.

For completeness and simplicity I have listed below the key areas for developing a robust social media business strategy and implementation programme: –

Listening and research – complete a social media innovation audit and develop a ranked social media innovation pathway that identifies strategic and quick win benefits.

The leadership team should develop a strategy, mandate for change and implementation, handing this down to the organisation so a programme for realising the benefits can be developed and implemented.

The transformational programme is the key component here.  To drive social media rather than having social media drive you will need to roll up the layers and areas that are affected by social media strategy and implement the required change through a robust programme.

The following key issues should be addressed in the strategy and implementation programme: –

How to implement social media education, governance and internal risk management

How to use social media to Invigorate organisational energy

The system for listening more closely to your customers

How to engage with social media service and drive brand advocacy

How to localise for each market

How to drive Innovation, talent acquisition and talent Retention

Social Media Business Training – The Social Media Layer Cake

London bite size training is social media business focused training in chunks that you can quickly digest, action and realise measurable benefits from. We can come to your office, anywhere in the greater London area, or alternatively you can come to us.

Bite size training, mentoring and coaching will give you valuable knowledge and skills in areas such as social media in HR, social media recruitment, social media customer service and social media for sales. We will help and guide you at a rate that suits your time and budget constraints. We have a robust suite of social media marketing bites as well!

Social Media Training For Business – Two Hour Session

Call 07930330125, email or use the contact form to book a bite size training session with Peter –View typical training content

Training Pathway

We have a range of bespoke and standard courses that can be delivered in your offices anywhere in the UK social media training courses.We train and coach at all levels from marketing executives and recruitment managers to global chairman of FTSE companies. All disciplines are touched by social media from marketing and HR through to sales and operations.

Starting with bite size training we can follow through with a pathway programme that will help change management ensuring the right people have the right social media skills at all levels. We don’t just look at technologies and how they work, we look at how we can use these in balance across the business.

The training we provide is split into three areas. Social media strategy, social media marketing and social media business for creating a social media culture where the benefits of social media can be harnessed to drive innovation, improve teamwork and reduce costs across the whole company.

We also have a follow on remote coaching pathway.  This is email, Skype and phone support


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