What Does the Social Media Training Model Look Like?

Peter’s social media training provides up to date training and information on all the major social media platforms. In a business sense, these are (in order of usage) LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

One of the key aims of Peter’s social media training is to teach individuals at every level of the organisation how to use the social media effectively. This means knowing how to express yourself, how to behave – what you can and can’t do, in other words, both verbally and behaviourally. For instance, there may be different etiquettes involved in requesting contact or association with people in different roles, or with different levels of influence.

It also means knowing which social media platform is suitable for the aims of the individual and the brand. Peter’s social media training will teach employees how to use LinkedIn to broaden their own sphere of influence – and how to do so in a manner that is aware of the effect a widened presence can have on other people’s perceptions of your brand.

Peter’s social media training will also teach employees where it is appropriate to used Facebook or Twitter for brand related activities – and how to get the most out of these platforms when they do. Twitter, for instance, is widely used by brands in ways that carry very little weight with the target audience: good online social media training is there to develop an understanding of how a more focused use of the platform can create the effect you really want.

The theory is simple enough: people trust people more than companies. So your employees can be trained to use their status as friend and contact, to advocate your brand outside of work hours. It is this personal, apparently unrewarded advocacy that carries the most weight in the social media world –and it’s this that you have the opportunity to tap into using regular online social media training updates.

By training each employee to maintain a responsible and professional personal profile, you are able to empower them as first class brand advocates for your company. A corollary of this, hinted at already, is that your search results are given a bit of extra juice. When employees start using their personal profiles to engage with keywords, key topics and phrases related to the overall optimisation campaign conducted by your business, you increase your search engine visibility in dynamic and fruitful ways.

Each employee has a pre made network of friends and business contacts, through LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. By giving them the tools to exploit these networks on your behalf, you create a whole new level of advocacy.

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