Golfers Move Towards Social Media to Engage Their Friends in Their Game

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Golf and social media are ideal bedfellows – and golf courses and clubs all over the country are realising that perfect fit! It’s not only golf, of course – any sport that relies on external conditions; has set times for play; and is performed in an ongoing league or as a one off championship, is ripe fodder for the social media technologies that now run many of our interactions online.

Everyone uses social media these days – even companies. So when golf courses started conversing directly with their members and players, it was really just an extension of a process that we’ve been observing across the board in our daily lives. Sign up for your club’s social media feed and you’ll get real time alerts about free tee times, perfect playing conditions and of course specific events: championship days, pro days and awards ceremonies for example.

The thing about the social network is, there are more people in it than just golfers, That’s true of everything of course, What I mean is, if your golf course is in your social network, then all your other non-golfer friends will be engaged with it at a remove of one. And when they see the flood of updates, photos, contests and social events coming through from the course, they may start to get interested.

For a golf course, this is a perfect example of influence – which as we all know is the new buzzword in the online marketing industry. Influencing potential customers to do stuff is the name of the social media advertising game – and the above example is exactly how to do it. For every fan you have, as a golf course, there are potentially hundreds of new converts to the game in that fan’s own social network.

It’s not difficult to maintain a strong social media presence once you get into the swing of it. Tee off with regular Twitter feeds and create a Facebook page. Your existing members are an instant fan base – and word will spread from there.

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