Here are 25 compelling reasons for using B2B social media in your digital & marketing communications mix – Boost your profits with B2B social media marketing campaigns

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1. Traditional advertising is expensive

2. Social media is inexpensive or free

3. Traditional media audiences are in decline

4. Social media audiences are growing exponentially

5. Traditional marketing is one-way communication

6. Social media engages customers and prospects in conversation

7. Traditional marketing is impersonal

8. Social media is human

9. Social media exposes your brand to a younger demographic

10. Today’s younger consumers and employees are tomorrow’s leaders

11. Blogs establish your firm as a thought leader

12. Blogs differentiate your firm in ways that matter to customers

13. Blogs enhance search engine visibility (SEO)

14. Blogs provide a forum for new ideas to improve products and services

15. Blogs attract new customers

16. Blogs offer a new channel for customer service

17. Social media enables you to reach customers at the moment they want to talk or buy

18. Early social media adapters will outflank the competition

19. Social media inspires brand evangelists

20. Non participation leaves companies helpless in the face of negative press or buzz and social media is fun

22. Traditional marketing is made more potent with social media in its mix

23. Social media works in the trenches

24. Social media fosters teamwork and builds morale

25. Social media allows smaller players to compete with the big guys – and win


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