Do you remember your first day in your first few jobs? If you do, and if you are honest with yourself, there’s a fair bet that your overriding emotion was one of fear. Remember sitting there looking at the phone ringing on your desk, and wondering what on earth you would say to the questions you got once you picked it up? Or how about wandering disconsolately around a shop floor trying to remember the stuff your supervisor told you as your first customer query heaves into view.

The point is, there’s a binding problem across pretty much all industries, which affects the quality of their customer service. That problem is knowledge. When staff don’t know enough about products and services to answer customer questions, the staff feel disenfranchised and the customer feels downright aggrieved.

The modern business world, as anyone who’s worked in an office can attest to, is moving at a rate of knots. So fast, indeed, that training on the job is often substandard, resulting in a workforce that simply doesn’t have the knowledge behind it to do its job properly. As customer complaints escalate, or efficiency and sales falter, the business in question has to spend more time trying to patch up the holes with reactive responses – which means it has even less time to give its employees access to the knowledge they need in order to make the problem go away in the first place.

Social media consultant, Peter, suggests that social media is the ideal platform for remedying this. Businesses now use social media more than they use that intranet, often replacing the intranet with a social media page that all the staff are encouraged to get involved in.

This automatically unleashes the horsepower of social media in a productive fashion. All social media technology is geared towards sharing knowledge. By using the internal social media page properly, staff can get access to the knowledge they need when they need it. There’s no more waiting for the right moment to get a word with the line manager, who always looks harassed and busy. Instead, FAQ pages within the social network deal with the most common issues, while dedicated knowledge bases give live answers to more complicated problems.

The result? An informed workforce, which is a workforce better able to serve the brand’s customers.

When this happens, employee confidence increases and the feeling of job satisfaction takes a turn for the better. No one can be satisfied doing a job where they know they don’t know the answers to half the things they get asked, and where it is clear that customers are frequently unhappy with the service they receive. So the emancipation of knowledge sets up a situation where employees feel more kindly towards the brand – and this is the beginning of proper brand advocacy.

When an employee is confident and secure in his or her role, he or she is more likely to see the brand that role embodies as a friend. Which, in turn, means he or she will act in a way calculated to support that brand at all times.

On Line Social Media Training

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Number of videos per section:

LinkedIn Academy (39)

Profile 15
Networking 5
Interacting 8
Advanced 5
Useful Tools 5

Facebook Academy (20)

Privacy 15
Security 4
Useful Tools 1

Twitter Academy (15)

Basics 4
Best Practices 4
Privacy & Security 7

Total 74 video lessons

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Peter Wilkinson, Social media consultant,

Marketer and engineer specialising in IT, tech and engineering companies. I bring new ideas, innovation, passion and clear strategy development with defined ROI, underpinned by 30 + years of experience. ★★Marketing, Digital and Social Media Strategy, KPI and ROI | Marketing, Digital and Social Media Consultant | Trainer | Speaker | Virtual Digital and Social Media Help Desk and Support

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